About Us

Our Vision

To build a world-class enterprise with a diversified portfolio that has high-quality growth prospect ensuring standard management and sound business process.

Our Mission

Pax South Africa strives to create a beneficial enterprise between clients, shareholders and employees that exceed expectations.

Who We Are

Pax South Africa is an investment holding Company with focus in Information technology, Energy, Financial Services, Real estate, and Mining. Pax is backed by tenured investors with a heritage in providing solutions to small businesses. It is run by seasoned veterans trained at Caltech, MIT, UNN, Microsoft and WITS.

Pax South Africa is based in Johannesburg with offices in the UK, US, Abuja and Zambia. Pax has strategic alliance with world class partners to deliver projects globally. Pax was finalist in the 2009 Exporter of the year the Award and KLM Company of the month in Febuary 2009. Pax is accredited to export to the European Union under the CBI export from developing countries progamme. Pax has CE accreditation and is in the process of being ISO 9001 accredited.

We have grown from domestic roots in South Africa to a position where we service international clients from Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

With African governments focusing more attracting private capital for investment. Pax has established an office in Lusaka, from where we will services eight other African countries bordering Zambia. Capitalising on the reforms hitting a record high level this year in Africa, Pax will guarantee 15% growth in the next financial year.

Pax South Africa is committed to increasing and sustaining economic growth that generates employment. The African market being unexplored, the 2014 Millennium goals has inspired governments to increase their budget for development, simplifying business process and enacting regulations to protect investment. Pax SA has a blueprint to the new markets that are emerging in the sub Saharan. Pax SA is Level 1 BBBEE Complaint.

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