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Power to the mines: A finger on the pulse of power projects

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has enormous potential for the expansion of its current renewable energy sector within the mining industry. How can this potential be realised in a long-term sustainable methodology? This was one of the questions posed to two participants at the recent DRC Mining Week virtual event hosted by Mining Review Africa. Raphael Khalifa, […]

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The State Of Global Renewable Energy Employment

In 2018, 11 million people were directly and indirectly employed in the renewable energy sector around the world, an increase on 10.3 million the year before, according to data published by the International Renewable Energy Agency. Solar photovoltaic accounted for 3.6 million jobs, 3.2 million were in bioenergy, 1.2 million were in wind and the rest were […]

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Industrial Innovation and Design Exhibitions of 2017

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