Policies and procedures


Manual prepared in accordance with section 51 of The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (“the Act”)

The information listed in this manual is available from the Companies by means of a request as prescribed in section 53 of the Act. Requests can be addressed to the Company Secretary or Information Officer at the address and/or contact details as indicated in Paragraph 1. All request fees (if any), as prescribed in section 54 of the Act, must be paid to the Companies before any request is processed.

The Companies reserve the right to refuse information where it falls under a specified exemption as set out in Chapter 4 of the Act. (Ss 62-70)

Whilst the Companies endeavor to ensure that the published information is accurate, complete and updated on a regular basis, no representation is made regarding the fitness of such information.

Paragraph 1
Section 51(1)(a) required information

Name of Bodies Pax Resources LTD

Information Officer Mandla Kukbeka

Telephone +27 11 6144022 Fax: +27 85 500 8646

e-mail info@paxsa.co.za

Company Secretary San Sue

Telephone +27 11 6144022 Fax: +27 85 500 8646

e-mail info@paxsa.co.za


18 Rissik Street


RSA, 2001

Postal Address

P O Box 785590



Telephone: +27 11 6144022

Fax +27 86 500 8646

Website www.paxsa.co.za

Paragraph 2
Section 51(1)(b) required information

A Guide has been compiled as required in terms of Section 10 of the Act by the Human Rights Commission. The Guide contains information required by a person wishing to exercise any right, contemplated by PAIA.

The Guide, in all of the official languages, is available at http://www.sahrc.org.za/sahrc_cms/publish/cat_index_40.shtml#11 or at the offices of the Companies.

Paragraph 3
Section 51(1)(c) required information

The Companies hold the following information, which is available without a person having to request access in terms of the Act:

1) Company Profile
2) Company Newsletters
3) Interim Financial Statements
4) Annual Financial Statements
5) Web site Pax South Africa: www.paxsa.co.za

The Companies’ websites are available to anybody who accesses the Internet

Paragraph 4
Section 51(1)(d) required information

Records are kept in accordance with the following legislation:

1) Companies Act
2) Income Tax Act
3) Value Added Tax Act
4) Labour Relations Act
5) Employment Equity Act
6) Unemployment Insurance Act
7) Occupational Health and Safety Act
8) Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act
9) Skills Development Levies Act

Paragraph 5
Section 51(1)(e) required information

The Companies also hold the following information:

a) Library:
The Companies’ library consists of a collection of works on various industries related topics.

b) Communications:
1) Correspondence and Circulars of Companies to shareholders.
2) General correspondence regarding management of Companies.

c) Operational Information:
Operational Information can be defined as information required for the day to day running of the Companies. (Examples of such information are: internal phone lists, address lists, company policies, directives and general company information.)

d) Human Resources:
1) Employment conditions/Service Agreements
2) Employee records
3) Remuneration and benefits
4) Employment Equity reports
5) Training schedules and material
6) Occupational Health and Safety records

e) Financial and Management Information:
1) Financial reports/records
2) Management reports/records
3) Tax records
4) Legal records

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