Smart Agriculture

Today, more than 800 million people across the globe go to bed hungry every night, most of them smallholder farmers who depend on agriculture to make a living and feed their families. Despite an explosion in the growth of urban slums over the last decade, nearly 75 percent of poor people in developing countries live in rural areas. Growth in the agriculture sector — from farm to fork — has been shown to be at least twice as effective in reducing poverty as growth in other sectors.

Investing in these smallholder farmers—many of whom are women—and in the markets around them is more important than ever. In order to feed a population expected to grow to 9 billion people by 2050, the world will have to double its current food production. Given the scarcity of natural resources and other challenges, the world will need to be more efficient in how it meets this demand. To ensure that people have sufficient food, aligning short-term assistance with a long-term development strategy can help countries feed their own people. By addressing acute need as well as the root causes of hunger, poverty and malnutrition, Pax SA is strengthening prosperity and security while demonstrating Africa for Africa empowerment. Pax’s programs draw on our strength in agriculture and technology. Pax SA is committed to providing long-term investment to protect food security and livelihoods for the people of Africa, as well as to strengthen institutional capacity for the detection, surveillance, reporting, and monitoring of agriculture.

Our area of focus.
  • Smart Farming
  • Agricultural drone
  • Food Processing
  • Irrigation
  • Training

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