UAV Training

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Acquiring new UAV generally implies to undertake dedicated technical training sessions. Indeed, it is necessary to get acquainted with procedures, software and other tips related to new material. This allows to use it at its maximum potential and to get expected results.

This is why Pax SA has a multilingual and multidisciplinary team of qualified instructors. Our staff is training you to become autonomous, precise and efficient for your future challenges.

Pax SA iss a trusted and FAA-approved provider of training courses, services and complete solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Our team has a wide range of experience with a broad spectrum of UAV applications, including imagery, mapping, agriculture and first response, utilizing both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

Our area of specialisation: 
  • Flight/Mission Scenarios – including Police, Fire, Rescue, Aerial Inspection and Crew Coordination
  • First Responders – classroom, simulator and hands-on training with scenario-based missions. Focusing on operational safety, airspace deconfliction, incident command duties, Crew Resource Management
  • UAV Basics – training for novice pilots, hobbyists and UAS business owners that focuses on flight safety, legal requirements, privacy/ethics and preparing for FAA certification
  • Executive Training – briefing-based training for executive leaders, government entities and business owners focusing on system familiarization, legal requirements and operations management
  • FAA Knowledge Test Preparation – classroom instruction, study guides and online resources for hobbyists, business owners and FAA applicants.

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